tuberous begonia

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Noun1.tuberous begonia - any of numerous begonias having large tuberous rootstuberous begonia - any of numerous begonias having large tuberous roots
begonia - any of numerous plants of the genus Begonia grown for their attractive glossy asymmetrical leaves and colorful flowers in usually terminal cymes or racemes
Begonia tuberhybrida, hybrid tuberous begonia - any of numerous hybrid begonias having tuberous roots and variously colored flowers
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Choose from colorful Tuberous Begonia bulbs, Petunias, Petchoa and SunPatiens plants and accompanying hanging baskets for beautiful displays celebrating the start of the gardening season.
Walton, Tuberous Begonia by James Paterson--a striking painting of pale pink flowers and Tangier from the Dunes by Alexander Mann, who lived for two years in the city.
Plant about six plants around the rim and a couple or so in the middle, for example tuberous begonia, pelargonium and bidens aurea.
Imagine a fresh spinach salad straight from the garden, topped with a few red petals from a tuberous begonia.
Dragon Wing' is a tuberous begonia, which puts it in the same class as those eye-catching begonias with creamy, pastel-colored, rosette flowers, blooming now in pink, yellow, mauve, red and orange.
So plant about six plants around the rim and a couple or so in the middle, for example pelargonium, surfinia petunia, tuberous begonia and Bidens aurea.
In the shade of these trees, my friend has planted orange varieties of shade-loving impatiens, kalanchoe, and tuberous begonia.
QMy tuberous begonia has lots of flowers which are beautiful and showy double blooms but it also has some strange single ones.
I used tuberous begonia, surfinia petunia, pelargonium and Bidens aurea.
The yellow tuberous begonia is especially prized because summer-blooming plants for shade rarely have yellow flowers.
Every year, I nurse along a tuberous begonia that grows in a hand-thrown pot made by Santa Fe potter Frank Willitt.
Plant tuberous begonia, caladium, calla, canna, crocosmia, dahlia, Asian and Oriental lily, Tigridia pavonia, tuberose, and gladiolus (try Gladiolus callianthus for fragrance, baby glads for short, loose spikes).

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