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1. Any of various plants or plant parts used by certain Native American peoples as food, especially the edible root of certain arums or the sclerotium of certain fungi.

[Of Virginia Algonquian origin.]


(Botany) US a type of edible fungus that grows as a large underground sclerotium


(ˈtʌk əˌhoʊ)

the edible underground sclerotium of the fungus Poria cocos, found on the roots of trees in the southern U.S.
[1612; < Virginia Algonquian, tockawhoughe a plant root used for bread]
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Noun1.tuckahoe - perennial herb of the eastern United States having arrowhead-shaped leaves and an elongate pointed spathe and green berriestuckahoe - perennial herb of the eastern United States having arrowhead-shaped leaves and an elongate pointed spathe and green berries
arrow arum - an aquatic plant of the genus Peltandra; North America
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