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n. Chiefly British
A shop that sells food, especially candy and other sweets, in a school or institution.

[From British slang tuck, food, sweets, from tuck.]
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They all had memorable characters like Mona Lott, Colonel Chinstrap and Sophie Tuckshop.
John, who won this year's FA Volunteer of the Year award for the Northumberland area with his wife Janice, 50, who put in around 60 hours a week between them, added: "The works will also affect our takings in the tuckshop.
Major barriers were encountered by schools in the sale of healthy foods to children by vendors and tuckshop owners.
The pleasures are immeasurable, as are the glue-like benefits to the community of active women unshackled, even briefly, from the full-time labour treadmill, able to volunteer at the tuckshop, make meals for a sick friend, or bring in the garbage bins of an elderly neighbour.
The friends, all 30, met at senior school - and set up a tuckshop together.
Ali Oop (seller of saucy postcards) Mona Lott and Sophie Tuckshop.
A typical school garden day at Cobdale State School has children of all ages coming and going routinely, adding to compost, helping with tuckshop food preparation and having a cooking/gardening lesson.
4 What is the connection between Mona Lott, Sophie Tuckshop, Colonel Chinstrap and Bangor, North Wales?
A post box was provided in each classroom for children to return the survey, and free pizza or tuckshop lunch was offered as an incentive to the class who returned the most surveys.