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1. A short cluster of elongated strands, as of yarn, hair, or grass, attached at the base or growing close together.
2. A dense clump, especially of trees or bushes.
v. tuft·ed, tuft·ing, tufts
1. To furnish or ornament with tufts or a tuft.
2. To pass threads through the layers of (a quilt, mattress, or upholstery), securing the thread ends with a knot or button.
1. To separate or form into tufts.
2. To grow in a tuft.

[Middle English, probably alteration of Old French tofe, from Late Latin tufa, helmet crest, or of Germanic origin.]

tuft′er n.
tuft′y adj.


(ˈtʌf tɪŋ)

1. the act or process of making tufts.
2. tufts collectively, esp. as decoration.
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Hypnos Contract Beds Ltd is bringing the traditional British method of tufting mattresses to the UAE.
Tufting of the hair is caused by clustering of the adjacent follicular units due to the retention of telogen hairs within a dilated follicular orifice (2).
The base has an upper surface and a lower surface and the base is tufted through with a tufting material to form a number of tufts on the base upper surface and a number of tufting material loops on the base lower surface.