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[Canadian French toulibi, from Ojibwa dialectal *oto·lipi·.]


(Animals) a cisco of the Great Lakes of Canada, Coregonus artedii tullibee
[C19: from French toulibi, from Ojibwa]


(ˈtʌl əˌbi)

a commercially important deep-bodied Canadian whitefish, Coregonus artedi tullibee.
[1780–90; < Canadian French toulibi < Ojibwa]
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I use a Lindy Crawler Harness with a smaller blade, like a #4 Colorado, in Purple Smelt or Tullibee patterns.
In a typical autumn, water temperatures falling into the high-40[degrees]F range spur a daytime feeding binge along prime rock and gravel shorelines that host ample forage ranging from minnows and juvenile panfish to spawning tullibees.
landed weight) of Pickerel (Walleye), Sauger, Whitefish, Northern Pike, Mullet, Tullibee, Lake Trout, Carp and Lake Perch were delivered to and processed last year at Freshwater's Winnipeg plant.
He surveys the fate of each of the six subs that had crewmen who survived the war--Perch, Grenadier, S-44, Sculpin, Tullibee, and Tang--and recounts their experience of capture, interrogation, camp life, and forced labor.
Do walleyes only eat an emerald shiner or two, won't eat again until they see a tullibee, and then after slurping a couple of oily herring go looking for a crayfish to clean out their digestive system?
Marketed as chub, cisco, or tullibee, both the roe and fillets of this winter fish are prized worldwide.
Nov 16 Corvina Truk Islands, Carolines Nov 19 Sculpin Truk (north of) Nov 23 Capelin Celebes, Indonesia 1944 Jan 5 Scorpion Yellow Sea Feb 27 Grayback East China Sea Feb 29 Trout Bonin Islands Mar 26 Tullibee Palau, Carolines Apr 7 Gudgeon Marianas Jun 1 Herring Kurile Islands Jun 14 Golet Off N.
The most significant fishes in terms of supporting human populations in Manitoba include: lake sturgeon (Acispenser fulvescens), lake trout (Salvelinus namaycush), arctic char (Salvetinus alpinus), tullibee (Coregonus artedii), lake whitefish (Coregonus clupeaformis), goldeye (Hiodon alosoides), northern pike (Esox lucius), yellow perch (Perca flavescens), the sauger (Stizostedion canadense) and the pickerel (Stizostedion vitreum).
Synhorst assumed his first fullcommand with the commissioning of the nuclear submarine USS Tullibee in June 1964.
In full sun and stained water, golden shiner or tullibee patterns are hot.