tumble down

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w>tumble down

(= fall down, person) → hinfallen, stürzen; (object)herunterfallen; (building)einstürzen; to tumble down the stairsdie Treppe hinunterfallen
(= move quickly) they came tumbling down the stairssie kamen die Treppe heruntergestürzt
References in classic literature ?
My eyes were full, and I felt as if I were going to tumble down.
Now you have encouraged her to take to walking, she will be more obstinate than ever, and is sure to tumble down daily, out of doors as well as in.
Meanwhile, after yet another blazing row with Mick, Linda chases after him, but takes a tumble down the stairs.
It can also be grown as ground cover to tumble down banks or to spill over the edges of raised beds.
Napoli's slide continues: As Mike Napoli's offensive slide continues, so does his tumble down the Angels lineup.
The weather washed out play on all courts yesterday as hardy soles fought to get their umbrellas up to only watch the rain tumble down.
The flat black rectangle of Swan Dive (all works 2001) contains a set of barely legible letters that spell out "GREAT" and then seem to stutter the word as they tumble down the face of the painting.
When a wet slab begins to slide, it won't rush or tumble down a mountain.
The falls tumble down from a billion-year-old escarpment that was once a sea cliff.
As colored tiles tumble down a conveyor belt, players have to think fast and move even faster to maneuver the boxes into their desired destination.