tumbling barrel

tum′bling bar`rel

a drum in which objects are loosely placed and subjected to a tumbling action, as for mixing or polishing.
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All specimens were measured and photographed, and then placed in a 750-mL (10 cm diameter) tumbling barrel with 500-mL of water and ~130 g of sand and ~130 g of gravel-to-cobble size sediments (collected from the same site as the mussels).
Thus, tumbling barrel experiments with Mytilus trossulus indicate that postmortem physical damage to the shell margin is distinctively different from damage caused by crab predation.
The CMT 3 offers such design features as an impeller/ control cage adjustable pattern media wheel and a highly efficient patented pyramidal tumbling barrel.
When the company used copper coated heading wire, it had to remove the copper from finished parts in either a tumbling barrel or a vibratory bowl, augmented in both cases with a mild nitric acid solution.
Larger parts with thicker cross sections were generally treated in the tumbling barrel, which is a more aggressive cleaning process.
C & M Topline manufactures a full line of affordable finishing equipment ranging from rotary tumbler bases with five sizes of rotary tumbling barrels to three sizes of vibratory bench top bowls, along with 3 and 6.
It incorporates two rubber belt tumbling barrels equipped with two 25-hp blast wheels.