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1. One, such as a social director or entertainer, who encourages guest or audience participation.
2. One who incites others to action.

[Yiddish tumler, from tumlen, to make a racket.]


(Theatre) a comedian or other entertainer employed to encourage audience participation or to encourage guests at a resort to take part in communal activities
[C20: Yiddish, from tumlen to stir, bustle]


(ˈtʊm lər)

1. an employee at a resort hotel, esp. in the borscht circuit, who works as a comedian, activities director, and master of ceremonies.
2. Slang. a lively, boisterous, or prankish person.
[1930–35; < Yiddish tumler one who makes a racket, stir, derivative of tuml(en) to make a racket; compare Middle High German getümel noise; see tumble]
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His parents threw a big shindig for him at the Pierre Hotel in Manhattan where he was fascinated not by the rabbi but by the entertainer: "He was a funny and creative tummler who played the piano upside down, plus he had a hot wife," says Bob.
But the pace has been slower than the one he kept up for 28 years as the humorously exasperated morning tummler of ABC's "Live
1] Romling U, Grothues D, Bautsch W, Tummler B A physical genome map of Pseudomonas aeruginosa PAO.
Dork T, Macek M, Mekus F, Tummler B, Tzountzouris J, Casals T, et al.
2] in 1905, sailed his Jollenkreuzer, called Tummler, on a river near his summer home at Caputh, near Potsdam, between 1929 and 1932.
At the roast, Gilbert Gottfried, a squinting tummler with a shrieking ferret schtick, was scorching old Hugh.
During the 1950s, the Jewish comic voice moved from the Borscht Belt to the big time, from tummler to television.
Ten, of all the sisters, was the most friendly toward my father though she shared the family view of him as a tummler whose waywardness had brought him in his later years little financial reward.
This soundtrack fills in the spaces between those scenes that contain dialogue and those which use a first-person voice-over narration, a narration that shifts voice (male to female) as it shifts subject (Solomon to Tummler, identifiable character to unknown).