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tump 1

v. tumped, tump·ing, tumps Chiefly Southern US
To overturn. Often used with over: You're about to tump that thing over.
To fall over. Often used with over: Is that wheelbarrow going to tump over?

[Probably akin to tumble.]

tump 2

1. A mound.
2. A clump of trees, shrubs, or grass.

[Origin unknown.]


dialect Western English a small mound or clump
[C16: of unknown origin]


 a heap of anything; a clump of trees; shrubs, or grass, 1802.
Examples: tump of wiry grass, 1880; of old hay, 1892; of rubbish, 1905; of trees, 1802; of whortles, 1869.
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According to official sources, the security forces launched a search operation in the Tump area after receiving a tipoff from intelligence officials about the presence of militants there.
Taken together, the combined offering of Green Hills INTEGRITY-178 tuMP, Mercury's BuiltSAFE GS OpenGL library, and Intel Atom forms a complete solution for the most challenging HMI-based safety-critical applications.
Desconocemos si el nuevo embajador esta acorde con la politica conciliadora que ha manifestado sistematicamente el gobierno mexicano respecto a Donald Tump, sin embargo, nuestro representante en Estados Unidos enfrentara una serie de desafios que entranan la permanente amenaza de Tump, un presidente racista que ha demostrado de manera abierta un absoluto desprecio por nuestro pais.
US presidential hopeful Donald Tump was ridiculed on social media after saying Paris was in Germany.
Shipping since 2010, INTEGRITY-178 tuMP provides system and application developers superior flexibility to concurrently schedule and utilize multiple cores within and across applications.
Levies sources said that armed accused opened firing at three persons in Tump area of district Turbat killing a man on the spot, leaving two others critically injured and fled the scene.
MEET On The Ledge dust off their acoustic guitars and replace the drum kit with a cajon for their all-acoustic set at The Tump Folk Club on Thursday.
We have a major project with the old post office building in Washington, DC, on Pennsylvania Avenue, which is a wonderful challenge," said Tump.
local time), when some unknown militants ambushed and attacked the car in Tump area of Turbat, a main district in the country's southwest Balochistan province.
MONKEY Tump, Dinky Poo and The Diff could all soon make it on to a very modern map of Wales to help 999 callers.
Police official Salim Khan told Pajhwok Afghan News three security men were injured the gun-battle that happened in the Tump area.
To recap, I reached the end of my tether when I arrived at a restaurant to find the table I had reserved was being held under the name of Tump and the staff wouldn't believe it was me who had booked it, (given that I don't have any Tump ID).