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tump 1

v. tumped, tump·ing, tumps Chiefly Southern US
To overturn. Often used with over: You're about to tump that thing over.
To fall over. Often used with over: Is that wheelbarrow going to tump over?

[Probably akin to tumble.]

tump 2

1. A mound.
2. A clump of trees, shrubs, or grass.

[Origin unknown.]


dialect Western English a small mound or clump
[C16: of unknown origin]


 a heap of anything; a clump of trees; shrubs, or grass, 1802.
Examples: tump of wiry grass, 1880; of old hay, 1892; of rubbish, 1905; of trees, 1802; of whortles, 1869.
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When he had been crawling over the tumps in the ground his legs would go up in the air, and I now think that that's what I took for the man walking and dropping down.
Some more of the enemy had advanced at the run under cover of this barrage and had dropped down behind some little tumps of ground about two hundred and fifty yards away.
Further away, familiar grey mountains and brown tumps stood sentinel over other Valleys, and everywhere she looked, Elmyra felt at home.