(to͞o′myə-lōs′, tyo͞o′-) also tu·mu·lous (-ləs)
Having many mounds or small hills.

[Latin tumulōsus, from tumulus, mound; see tumulus.]

tu′mu·los′i·ty (-lŏs′ĭ-tē) n.
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Made from the tumulous trio of marsanne, chardonnay and roussanne and has a deep green gold hue in the glass and a bold bouquet of stonefruits couple with elegant minerality.
Forget Gerard Depardieu, here is a sharply drawn Cyrano, marvellously played by Tom Mannion, who is one minute a swaggering braggart, the next a sensitive poet hurt by the endless remarks about his tumulous nose, while the love of his life, his cousin Roxane, whose heart is set on the Baron Christian de Neuvillette, is portrayed with a mixture of compassion and wilfulness by Sandy McDade as a crop-haired gamine.