tune down

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w>tune down

vt (fig) enthusiasm etcdämpfen
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In addition, remember all eyes are on you, so tune down anything that might be inappropriate, goofy or disrespectful especially if you have not been around long enough to understand how others perceive your behaviour.
We have long known that there might be ways to tune down the amygdala through biofeedback, meditation, or even the effects of placebos, said John Krystal, Editor of Biological Psychiatry.
Media outlets linked to this political team need to tune down, so as to prevent further damage on Lebanon.
Tune down the resolution down a notch or two and you can play any title out there.
We had to tune down Homer and Marge's amour'' in a scene between the characters' Lego incarnations, he said.
But Turkish Foreign Minister Mehmet Davutoglu and Chief Negotiator Egemen Bagis tried to tune down their rhetoric after a month-long spat with the EU over Ankara's violence against protesters in Turkey.
novicida to tune down the lipoprotein efficiently at the times when detection could be harmful, while still keeping it around for its function - still unclear - when the bacteria are outside the host.
The existing control system in the building sends a signal to a certain area to tune down the lighting from 100% to 75 or 85% of the output.
THEY are the dynamic duo who are so perfectly in tune down Everton's left flank that they've developed the nickname 'Bainaar'.
The super(b) group drawn from Sunderland's finest tune down the guitars and tune us into a golden age of pop psychedelia that is difficult to resist.
But the couple and their select group of friends had to tune down the volume at 10 pm in deference to wildlife rules.
Just a few breaths like this throughout the day can help to tune down the stress response and tune up the relaxation response just enough to provide a little break and reduce the wear and tear of a hectic day.