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In quantum mechanics, the passing of a particle through a seemingly impenetrable barrier without a cause that is explainable by classical physics.


(ˈtʌn l ɪŋ)
a quantum-mechanical process, forbidden in classical mechanics, in which an atomic particle passes through a region where its potential energy is higher than its total energy. Also, esp. Brit.,tun′nel•ling. Also called tun′nel effect`.


Illegally diverting company funds or lucrative contracts to a company insider or majority shareholder thereby lessening the value of the holdings of minor shareholders.
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The department does not have such kind of experience in handling a project like this since it lacks technical expertise in the field of highway tunneling,' he said, adding that to overcome the challenges it is necessary to develop human resource in the field of tunnel engineering prior to starting the project.
The tunnel has been built using the New Austrian Tunneling Method ( NATM) for the first time in India.
Bonner, president of the National Border Patrol Council, told THE NEW AMERICAN that despite the sophisticated technical means used by the Border Patrol to discover tunneling operations, "most of the tunnels that have been discovered have been the result of plain, dumb luck.
The idea of tunneling a highway through the steep San Gabriel Mountains has been raised a number of times over the past 20 years, including in 1999 by the Southern California Association of Governments, a regional planning body.
New Tunnel Recommended Option--Service between Jamaica & Lower Manhattan and JFK & Lower Manhattan using: the AirTrain/JFK route, the converted Atlantic Branch, new tunneling in Brooklyn, a new East River tunnel, and new tunneling in Manhattan.
They all rely on tunneling of some form, and usually employ encryption.
Tunneling usually involves a particle going from one region to another through a barrier that classically the particle does not have sufficient energy to go over.
So far, engineers have begun tunneling work entrances in the mountain.
Now, advances in optical techniques for generating photons and measuring travel times are providing remarkably direct means of determining photon tunneling rates.
The Lehigh Tunnel is the first automobile tunnel in the United States to use the New Austrian Tunneling Method (NATM) for construction.
Vast knowledge has been developed in the area of tunneling in weak rocks over the years, and this book bridges an important gap by bringing all the information together for the benefit of the tunneling Industry.
First large- scale use of New Australian Tunneling Method ( NATM) in India