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A metal coupling device consisting of an oblong piece internally threaded at both ends into which the corresponding sections of two threaded rods are screwed in order to form a unit that can be adjusted for tension or length.


an open mechanical sleeve usually having a swivel at one end and a thread at the other to enable a threaded wire or rope to be tightened
[C19: from turn + buckle]


(ˈtɜrnˌbʌk əl)

a rotating link or sleeve with internal screw threads at each end, used to tighten or connect the ends of a rod or cable.
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Noun1.turnbuckle - an oblong metal coupling with a swivel at one end and an internal thread at the other into which a threaded rod can be screwed in order to form a unit that can be adjusted for length or tension
coupler, coupling - a mechanical device that serves to connect the ends of adjacent objects
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The finish came in shortly when Charlette whipped her challenger into a turnbuckle nailing a huge spear and applied figure eight lock to tap out Riott.
Charlotte finally dispatched her challenger by whipping her into a turnbuckle, nailing a huge spear and making her dazed opponent submit to the Figure Eight.
The front wheel support was probably the most complicated part, with bent-steel bars providing a gap that allows the front wheel to steer, and a turnbuckle tensioner to provide strength.
description of the procurement: For the component sports hall: Truss girder made of sectional steel different cross sections, Steel supports with r30 coating including welded base plates, Secondary girders and substructures for sports equipment made of sectional steel different cross sections, Roof arrays made of round steel with turnbuckle.
The staves are held together by three tension cables of 3/16-inch vinyl-coated aircraft cable, with the ends connected by a clamp set (a small horseshoe and securing clamps), and a stainless steel turnbuckle to tighten things up.
The Shield also proved to be the better trio, topping The New Day in their six-man tag team match to open the show as the Hounds of Justice put Kofi Kingston in its signature triple powerbomb from the top turnbuckle.
Enzo retained his belt by sending Kalisto into the turnbuckle and hitting JawdonZo for the win, likely putting an end to their current feud.
The only shot he hurt me with was a right uppercut in the last ten seconds, but he couldn't have hurt me that much as I jumped on to the turnbuckle to celebrate.
Jab and tuck, shoot the right high, hook to the ribs, drive him to the turnbuckle, the ropes, the canvas.
True to Redneck standards, the Portable Blind Stand is rock-solid, quiet and comes with ground auger, cable and turnbuckle for anchoring.
During inspection IAW AD 2013-02-13, the stabilator control cable failed at the swage area through the safety wire hole while safetying to turnbuckle.
We used log chains to reattach to the axle, leaving lots of slack since the adjustment turnbuckle was rusted solid.