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1. A rejection.
2. One who has been turned down or rejected.
3. Something that is folded down, as on a garment.
4. A downturn.
Being or capable of being turned or folded down: a turndown collar.



1. that is or may be turned down; folded or doubled down: a turndown collar.
2. an act or instance of being refused or rejected.
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Noun1.turndown - the act of refusing an offerturndown - the act of refusing an offer; "the turndown was polite but very firm"
rejection - the act of rejecting something; "his proposals were met with rejection"


A turning down of a request:
References in classic literature ?
Varenka, in her dark dress, in a black hat with a turndown brim, was walking up and down the whole length of the arcade with a blind Frenchwoman, and, every time she met Kitty, they exchanged friendly glances.
Wi-Fi connectivity in the vehicle, a gourmet breakfast buffet, complimentary pressing, a daily turndown service, a dedicated Club InterContinental room, evening drinks and light dining are all on offer for Club InterContinental.
Contract notice: Management of the school catering service including turndown service, delivery and distribution of meals with bond "fresh hot" for the pupils of nursery schools and primary schools in the municipality.
The sources have been revealed that the finance division had turndown the request of health ministry of appointment of five more drug inspectors.
The motor is also significantly quieter than standard motors, and servo-motor technology facilitates a 1,000:1 turndown with .
Staycationers will be treated with port and chocolate at turndown service and a hot, made-to-order breakfast in the morning.
Lovers enjoy luxury accommodations, massages, dinner, champagne and strawberry turndown at hotel in Orlando
The package includes suite accommodation, with a welcome bottle of sparkling wine, flowers, pralines and fresh fruits; a choice of romantic dinner or 60-minute Couple's Aromatherapy Treatment for two per stay; breakfast in bed or all day dining restaurant for two; turndown service with chocolate coated strawberries and a rose; welcome Japanese or Chinese tea set up for two in a room and in-room check in.
25 percent of indicated flow; and, turndown ratio of 10:1.
The company says they require little by way of utilities and provide for short start-up times and high turndown capabilities, www.
As well as the gym, residents can take advantage of all the Setai amenities, including home catering, valet parking, linen and turndown service, housekeeping and on-call doctors, dentists, and pharmacists.
The package includes deluxe accommodation, a rollaway bed on request, and an American Girl doll-size travel bed gift, and a special turndown service with milk and cookies.