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(ˈtɜrnˌɒn, -ˌɔn)

n. Slang.
something or someone that arouses one's interest or excitement.
[1965–70, Amer.]
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The mysterious death of Tayaba took a dramatic turnon Mondaywhen DIG Quetta Abdul Razzaq Cheema claimed that Kamran confessed of rape attempt and killing her sister during Police Interrogations,"Among five siblings, Tayaba and Kamran were alone in their house, when he attempted to rape Tayaba but strangled her to death after she commenced shouting.
t+u turnon ght tonight Problematic sound Correct sound after dictionary input ks excuse /o[?
a levy, "Introduction," 18th Dynasty Egyptian Automobile Turnon by D.
We understand perfectly well that stars have to call attention to their new projects, but the way Ai Ai chose to do it on "ASAP" was, in our view, quite counterproductive: Now billing herself as ADA, she tried to dress, look and sing really sexilybut, she came off more as a turnoff than a turnon.
7 Forexample an application running on a cloud can turnon more servers in response to spike in demand forcomputing resources.
in front of the camera but reckons they might do a turnon the pitch.
I think it was also important to set up a traders committee in the village and it has already been successful, with more than 2,000 people coming to the Christmas lights turnon.
uk SANTA swopped his sleigh for sea transport when he marked the turnon of Christmas lights in two seaside towns in 2003.
Nicole, OM and her organization TurnON Britain, have also been featured in Metro, Daily Mail, and the Independent amongst other international media.
In general, the model includes a simple on/off differential controller that compares the boiler temperature (inner temperature or fluid temperature at the outlet) to the set temperature in consideration of pre- and/or postpurging, minimum turnon and turn-off time, and the maximum boiler temperature.
As seen in this figure, the rise time is exactly equal to the turnon delay and the time of the relaxation oscillations which is less than 20 psec.
WHAT a shame that the Birmingham Christmas lights turnon was such a dismal affair.