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a. The circular horizontal rotating platform of a phonograph on which the record is placed.
b. A phonograph exclusive of amplifying circuitry and speakers.
2. A circular horizontal rotating platform equipped with a railway track, used for turning locomotives, as in a roundhouse.
3. A rotating platform or disk, such as a lazy Susan.


1. (Electronics) the circular horizontal platform that rotates a gramophone record while it is being played
2. (Railways) a flat circular platform that can be rotated about its centre, used for turning locomotives and cars
3. (Chemistry) the revolvable platform on a microscope on which specimens are examined


(ˈtɜrnˌteɪ bəl)

1. the rotating disk that spins the record on a phonograph.
2. a rotating, track-bearing platform pivoted in the center, used for turning railroad locomotives and cars around.
3. a rotating stand used in sculpture, metalwork, and ceramics.
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Noun1.turntable - a circular horizontal platform that rotates a phonograph record while it is being playedturntable - a circular horizontal platform that rotates a phonograph record while it is being played
platform - a raised horizontal surface; "the speaker mounted the platform"
phonograph, record player - machine in which rotating records cause a stylus to vibrate and the vibrations are amplified acoustically or electronically
2.turntable - a revolving tray placed on a dining tableturntable - a revolving tray placed on a dining table
tray - an open receptacle for holding or displaying or serving articles or food
3.turntable - a rotatable platform with a track; used to turn locomotives and cars
platform - a raised horizontal surface; "the speaker mounted the platform"
مِنْضَدَه دَوّارَه
döner tabla


A. N (for record player) → plato m (giratorio), giradiscos m inv; (for trains, car etc) → placa f giratoria
B. CPD turntable ladder Nescalera f sobre plataforma giratoria


[ˈtɜːrnteɪbəl] n (on record player)platine fturn-up [ˈtɜːrnʌp] n
(British) (on trousers)revers m
(= surprise) → sacrée surprise f
That's a turn-up for the books! → En voilà une surprise!, C'est une première!


[ˈtɜːnˌteɪbl] n (of record player) → piatto; (for trains) → piattaforma girevole


(təːn) verb
1. to (make something) move or go round; to revolve. The wheels turned; He turned the handle.
2. to face or go in another direction. He turned and walked away; She turned towards him.
3. to change direction. The road turned to the left.
4. to direct; to aim or point. He turned his attention to his work.
5. to go round. They turned the corner.
6. to (cause something to) become or change to. You can't turn lead into gold; At what temperature does water turn into ice?
7. to (cause to) change colour to. Her hair turned white; The shock turned his hair white.
1. an act of turning. He gave the handle a turn.
2. a winding or coil. There are eighty turns of wire on this aerial.
3. (also ˈturning) a point where one can change direction, eg where one road joins another. Take the third turn(ing) on/to the left.
4. one's chance or duty (to do, have etc something shared by several people). It's your turn to choose a record; You'll have to wait your turn in the bathroom.
5. one of a series of short circus or variety acts, or the person or persons who perform it. The show opened with a comedy turn.
ˈturning-point noun
a place where a turn is made. the turning-point in the race; a turning-point in his life.
ˈturnover noun
1. the total value of sales in a business during a certain time. The firm had a turnover of $100,000 last year.
2. the rate at which money or workers pass through a business.
ˈturnstile noun
a revolving gate which allows only one person to pass at a time, usually after payment of entrance fees etc. There is a turnstile at the entrance to the football ground.
ˈturntable noun
the revolving part of a record-player on which the record rests while it is being played. He put another record on the turntable so that people could dance to the music.
ˈturn-up noun
a piece of material which is folded up at the bottom of a trouser-leg. Trousers with turn-ups are not fashionable at the moment.
by turnsin turndo (someone) a good turn
to do something helpful for someone. He did me several good turns.
in turn, by turns
one after another, in regular order. They answered the teacher's questions in turn.
out of turn
out of the correct order.
speak out of turn
1. to speak without permission in class etc.
2. to say something when it is not your place to say it or something you should not have said.
take a turn for the better/worse
(of things or people) to become better or worse. His fortunes have taken a turn for the better; Her health has taken a turn for the worse.
take turns
(of two or more people) to do something one after the other, not at the same time. They took turns to look after the baby.
turn a blind eye
to pretend not to see or notice (something). Because he works so hard, his boss turns a blind eye when he comes in late.
turn against
to become dissatisfied with or hostile to (people or things that one previously liked etc). He turned against his friends.
turn away
to move or send away. He turned away in disgust; The police turned away the crowds.
turn back
to (cause to) go back in the opposite direction. He got tired and turned back; The travellers were turned back at the frontier.
turn down
1. to say `no' to; to refuse. He turned down her offer/request.
2. to reduce (the level of light, noise etc) produced by (something). Please turn down (the volume on) the radio – it's far too loud!
turn in
to hand over (a person or thing) to people in authority. They turned the escaped prisoner in to the police.
turn loose
to set free. He turned the horse loose in the field.
turn off
1. to cause (water, electricity etc) to stop flowing. I've turned off the water / the electricity.
2. to turn (a tap, switch etc) so that something stops. I turned off the tap.
3. to cause (something) to stop working by switching it off. He turned off the light / the oven.
turn on
1. to make water, elekctric current etc flow. He turned on the water / the gas.
2. to turn (a tap, switch etc) so that something works. I turned on the tap.
3. to cause (something) to work by switching it on. He turned on the radio.
4. to attack. The dog turned on him.
turn out
1. to send away; to make (someone) leave.
2. to make or produce. The factory turns out ten finished articles an hour.
3. to empty or clear. I turned out the cupboard.
4. (of a crowd) to come out; to get together for a (public) meeting, celebration etc. A large crowd turned out to see the procession.
5. to turn off. Turn out the light!
6. to happen or prove to be. He turned out to be right; It turned out that he was right.
turn over
to give (something) up (to). He turned the money over to the police.
turn up
1. to appear or arrive. He turned up at our house.
2. to be found. Don't worry – it'll turn up again.
3. to increase (the level of noise, light etc) produced by (something). Turn up (the volume on) the radio.
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Delivery of a turntable dla (k) 23/12 according to din en 14043 and din en 1846 consisting of a euro 6 diesel chassis and a vehicle body with lifting rescue set, Device and device holder as well as the load.
But the most significant single element of the stage design is the turntable at center, which is actually one turntable and one doughnut, or ring, around the outside--not two turntables, as I had thought.
What kick-started this revival was a sense of nostalgia, not unusual in an economic downturn, but the turntable has become part and parcel of the modern day music collector.
He said, earlier the average 2-3 freight trains (loaded with furnace) oil used to terminate and originate at Mahamood Kot Thermal Power Station on daily basis due to above lower capacity of the turntable.
The Freighter Common Turntable benefits original equipment manufacturers and passenger-to-freighter conversion providers by offering weight reductions as well as cost savings for maintenance and inventory.
Contrary to Technics' SL-1200G direct-drive construction, the Sony's turntable sports a belt-driven construction.
Unlike other 3D laser scanners, Eora doesn't require a turntable because the app stitches together multiple scans from various angles to create a full model.
The AT-LP60 features completely automatic operation--just push the play button and the turntable does the rest--and a 33-1/3 and 45 RPM speed selector to play vinyl formats from LP albums to 12-inch and 7-inch singles.
With ten custom Crosley turntables up for grabs, the promotions are plentiful: Seven random buyers of the double-vinyl LP will win a custom Crosley turntable, and a CBS Radio and a blog promotion will be offering two of the turntables as well.
Ashli Todd, of Spillers Records, with the Spillers-branded turntable produced for Record Store Day
The machine, which can wrap up to 35 loads per hour, has adjustable carriage and turntable speeds.
The new rotating and pivoting turntable eliminates scan targets and allows users to reorient a part by simply clicking on the computer screen--no need to physically move the part, turntable, or scanner.