turtle soup

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Noun1.turtle soup - soup usually made of the flesh of green turtlesturtle soup - soup usually made of the flesh of green turtles
soup - liquid food especially of meat or fish or vegetable stock often containing pieces of solid food
حساء أحد أنواع السَّلاحِف
želví polévka
polievka z korytnačky
kaplumbağa çorbası


a kind of large tortoise, especially one living in water.
ˈturtle-neck noun
(a garment, especially a sweater, with) a high round neck. He was wearing a turtleneck; (also adjective) a turtle-neck sweater.
turtle soup
soup made from the flesh of a type of turtle.
References in classic literature ?
Mr friend Mr Bounderby could never see any difference between leaving the Coketown 'hands' exactly as they were, and requiring them to be fed with turtle soup and venison out of gold spoons.
You don't expect to be set up in a coach and six, and to be fed on turtle soup and venison, with a gold spoon, as a good many of 'em do
I see traces of the turtle soup, and venison, and gold spoon in this.
It was composed of turtle soup made of the most delicate hawks bills, of a surmullet served with puff paste
We refreshed ourselves with a tin of mock- turtle soup and wine from the neighbouring pantry.
For the cabin, raw bonita native style, turtle soup, omelette a la Samoset--"
with a menu of preshow goodies available, such as mock turtle soup, veggies and dips, chips and salsa and tea part cheese and fruit.
Iain Inman's first course, a mock turtle soup billed as 1880s sophistication for the cheap, belies its generous portion size with a lightness and class that carries through from the almost stewed-style pave of braised beef to the subtle and fragrant beef consomme.
Maybe it's Sylvia's Mock Turtle Soup or Derek Emerson's (of Walker's Drive-In fame) Guava and Basil Cupcakes that might make it onto your holiday table or buffet this season.
The seven-course menu included turtle soup, plaice and curried prawns, beef fillet, and macaroons - exactly as it did in 1916 when Noel Chavasse's fellow officers arranged the dinner, held at a chateau just behind the Western Front, at Guillemont, in north-eastern France.
From Mississippi pi Mud Cookies to Crawfish Boiled with Sea Salt and Dill Crowns, with Mock Turtle Soup and Peppadew Pimento Cheese on Fried Green Tomatoes, these recipes celebrate Mississippi regional ingredients with lashings of Southern hospitality.
The full text of Alice's Adventures is included alongside recipes, photos, and new color illustrations of dishes that range from Mock Turtle's Mock Turtle Soup to Cheshire Cat's Grainy Mustard Rarebit.