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Something shaped like the back of a turtle, especially:
a. Nautical An arched structure erected over the deck of a ship as protection from heavy seas.
b. Archaeology A stone tool with a convex side.

tur′tle·back′, tur′tle·backed′ adj.


1. (Nautical Terms) an arched projection over the upper deck of a ship at the bow and sometimes at the stern for protection in heavy seas
2. (Archaeology) (now obsolete in archaeological usage) a crude convex stone axe


Archaeol. a stone core of the Levalloisian tradition, having a rounded top and flattish bottom and prepared so as to permit a single flake to be struck from it.
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2 and the turtleback greens created by Donald Ross.
The business has four divisions: Booksource, Jaffe Book Solutions, Turtleback Books (educational literature), and Peaceable Kingdom (retail products).
298 Turtleback Farm Inn $200/night Dinner at Allium $120 for two Private whale-watching tour $825 for 10
Warden Burl Cain, who stood beside the turtleback, watched as the Army Corps of Engineers representative quickly removed himself from his post by catching the next ferry boat away from Angola.
Distance control into this week's turtleback greens, along with a silky touch upon them, will be crucial to success and nobody fits the bill better than this duo.
He made good use of intelligence, local topography (marked by islands and narrow straits), tactics (especially surprise attack and separation of the enemy), and equipment (such as "turtle ships," which were heavily protected by iron armor casements of a turtleback shape) and finally defeated the sea forces of Japan.
We found out later that the turtleback (a metal shroud used to cover the catapult blade at the end of cat 3) had met with my hook at the end of my first bolter.
Tailhook struck turtleback during carrier bolter making tailhook
This left us with 18 scouts, our individual equipment, and sufficient crew-served weapons to mount on however many turtleback HMMWVs are available for training in a given month.
Only two horses have won with more than 11st 1 lb in the past 16 years and, if that statistic is reapeated, you can forget Turtleback, Newlands Gold, Arch Stanton, Georges Girl, Albatross and Columba.
Students at Wilson Elementary School in Oregon (above) and Turtleback Elementary School in California (left) discovered that walking to school with other kids is fun, good exercise, and a great way to start the day.