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tusk 1

1. An elongated pointed tooth, usually one of a pair, extending outside of the mouth in certain animals such as the walrus, elephant, or wild boar.
2. A long projecting tooth or toothlike part.
tr. & intr.v. tusked, tusk·ing, tusks
To gore or dig with the tusks or a tusk.

[Middle English tux, tusce, from Old English tūx, tūsc, canine tooth; see dent- in Indo-European roots.]

tusked adj.

tusk 2

See cusk.

[Of North Germanic origin; akin to dialectal Norwegian tosk and Faroese toskur, cod, both from Old Norse thorskr; see ters- in Indo-European roots.]
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Adj.1.tusked - having tusks
toothed - having teeth especially of a certain number or type; often used in combination; "saw-toothed"
References in classic literature ?
In the end the tusked boar fell pierced by the blades of the many spears they held in front of him; and Don Quixote, turning round at the cries of Sancho, for he knew by them that it was he, saw him hanging from the oak head downwards, with Dapple, who did not forsake him in his distress, close beside him; and Cide Hamete observes that he seldom saw Sancho Panza without seeing Dapple, or Dapple without seeing Sancho Panza; such was their attachment and loyalty one to the other.
He spoke of me all the time, in the blandest way, as "this prodigious giant," and "this horrible sky-towering monster," and "this tusked and taloned man-devour- ing ogre", and everybody took in all this bosh in the naivest way, and never smiled or seemed to notice that there was any discrepancy between these watered statis- tics and me.