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n. pl. tus·ses (-sēz)
A cough.


tus′sal, tus·sive adj.


(ˈtʌs ɪv)

of or pertaining to a cough.
[1855–60; < Latin tuss(is) cough + -ive]


a. tusivo-a, rel. a la tos o causado por ésta.
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Aside from easily executed auditory-perceptual and airflow measures of cough, reflexive cough can be assessed through inhalation of an aerosolized tussive stimulus such as capsaicin.
It has antioxidant effects and has been shown to protect against heart, liver and kidney damage6, anti bacterial activity7, anti tussive effect8 and anti diabetic effect9.
It is also used in various drugs as expectorant, anti tussive, demulcent and anti-inflammatory purposes (Hayashi et al.
Subjects needed to have at least 48 hours of illness and severe symptoms, as measured by a Bronchitis Severity Score (BSS) of at least 5 points (0-4 points of severity given to each of 5 features: cough, sputum, rales/rhonchi, tussive chest pain, dyspnea).
But a dose-dependent inhibition of cough was observed with the groups of animals treated with METI and the results were also comparable with that of the inhibition exerted by codeine phosphate, a prototype anti tussive agent.