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 (to͞o-tē′, tyo͞o-)
One who is being tutored.

[tut(or) + -ee.]


(Education) a person who is tutored, esp in a university
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Noun1.tutee - learns from a tutortutee - learns from a tutor      
assimilator, learner, scholar - someone (especially a child) who learns (as from a teacher) or takes up knowledge or beliefs
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It is important, too, to consider the interests of the pupil when developing a curriculum for the tutee.
In addition, results showed that meaningful gains were observed regardless of the role students were assigned, including tutor, tutee, or for students alternating between roles.
Thankful, appreciative, and appropriately friendly, this tutee of yours will make you feel good about yourself and what you're doing.
teach the tutee the correct way of doing it, and then they pick out the mistakes themselves, and I feel like that's pretty much exactly what our class was.
El titular del Poder Ejecutivo debe hacerlo con la alta dignidad del cargo que ostenta y no como alguien a quien otro, mas impertinente que Nicolas Maduro, es decir, Donald Trump, lo bromee, lo tutee y se atreva a decirle que decir o que hacer.
A number of students described how the interactions with their Job Corps tutee made these topics real for them.
Whereas the tutor learns by doing and teaching, the tutee learns by observing, analyzing, and offering performance-related feedbacks (Topping, 2005; Berghmans, Neckebroeck, Dochy, & Struyven, 2013).
The questions were developed to guide personal editing practices and were based on several previous studies about tutor and tutee satisfaction with tutoring sessions.
Now listen to eighty, foray, foresee, forum, foreign, onesy, sixty, tennis, tenty ("attentive"), and tutee ("one who is tutored").
In addition to metacognition and communication, Dvorak (2004) found that underprepared students and cultural diversity, among group tutees as well as between the tutor and an individual tutee, present specific challenges for which the tutor must be prepared through training.
The tutee became frustrated as she struggled to solidify her various arguments into a cohesive thesis.