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n. pl. tut·ties
An impure zinc oxide obtained as a sublimate from the flues of zinc-smelting furnaces and used as a polishing powder.

[Middle English tutie, from Old French, from Arabic tūtīyā, from Persian, from Sanskrit tuttham, blue vitriol, probably of Dravidian origin; akin to Kannada tutta.]


(Elements & Compounds) finely powdered impure zinc oxide obtained from the flues of zinc-smelting furnaces and used as a polishing powder
[C14: from Old French tutie, from Arabic tūtiyā, probably from Persian, from Sanskrit tuttha]
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Nervous Robbie Moore, from Co Kildare, and his unsuspecting Emily Tutty, from Co Wicklow, were brought up to the stage - where Robbie got down on one knee to ask for his girlfriend's hand in marriage.
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Helen Shelley's Ayers under Gamma Tutty from the UK finished second ahead of In X Hess, with Ireland's Laura Barry on board, while US rider Laura Carson brought in Limitless in fourth.
The early signs were ominous for DK, as referee Mike Tutty awarded a penalty try against their front row as early as the 13th minute, and they struggled to secure line-out ball.
The leading Australian case which brought about an end to retain and transfer systems was Buckley v Tutty, (8) where the High Court, in 1971, found the New South Wales Rugby League's system to be an unreasonable of restraint of trade.