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A child between middle childhood and adolescence, usually between 8 and 12 years old. Also called tweener.

[Blend of teen and between.]



contraction of between.
[1250–1300; Middle English twene, aph. variant of atwene (see a-1) or betwene between]
References in classic literature ?
As a general thing -- as far as I could make out -- these murderous adventures were not forays undertaken to avenge injuries, nor to settle old disputes or sudden fallings out; no, as a rule they were simply duels be- tween strangers -- duels between people who had never even been introduced to each other, and between whom existed no cause of offense whatever.
Among much of other interesting matter, I found in it a dialogue be- tween a master and his slave.
The instructor sat be- tween the mother and daughter.
To which Tom responded with jeers, and started off in high feather, and as soon as his back was turned the new boy snatched up a stone, threw it and hit him be- tween the shoulders and then turned tail and ran like an antelope.
The tween hair care category is also getting the full attention of retailers and suppliers.
Oral health is an important issue for children in their tween and teen years.
ABSTRACT : An in situ experiment was conducted to find out whether Tween 80 improves rice straw digestion through increased adhesion of major fibrolytic bacteria.
The Tween Scene: A Year of Programs for 10- to 14-Year Olds
The Tween Book: A Growing-Up Guide for the Changing You
By working closely with child psychologists, we have seen that online behaviours become entrenched in the tween age group so proactive education is critical within eight to 12 age bracket.
According to Mintel research, 61% of tween girls want to use more makeup than their parents will allow, and the use of foundation, eyeliner and eye shadow increases sharply in the single year between ages 12 and 13, indicating that these girls are no longer tweens and are moving into the realm of adult cosmetics users.
Although cell phones are becoming more common among younger teens and tweens, there are major differences in the issues parents face when shopping for and managing the use of a tween's mobile device as opposed to an older teenager's phone.