twenty percent

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Noun1.twenty percent - one part in five equal partstwenty percent - one part in five equal parts  
common fraction, simple fraction - the quotient of two integers
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As a result of recently announced tax reform, we expect our 2018 effective tax rate to be in the low to mid twenty percent range, reduced from a mid to high twenty percent range," the company said.
Defoamant shall be minimum twenty percent (20%) active.
to acquire twenty percent interest in Mississippian Oil Play(C)1994-2011 ENPublishing - http://www.
London, Aug 27 (ANI): The number of immigrants staying in Britain is reported to have increased by twenty percent, with almost one-fourth of new babies being born to mothers from outside the country.
The Finance Minister announced fifty percent increase in salaries of government employees and fifteen to twenty percent increase in the pension of retired government employees.
Capital projects, other than schools, with an estimated construction cost of more than $12,000,000 but less than $30,000,000 must be designed and constructed so as to reduce energy cost by a minimum of twenty percent.
Twenty percent of schools came off the list entirely by meeting AYP for two consecutive years.
Under the tyranny of Robert Mugabe, who led the country to economic ruin especially through the confiscation of the white-owned farms, the country is in a state of economic ruin, and more than three million natives, about twenty percent of the population, have fled from it.
Twenty percent of Vonage's customers are small businesses.
Aquifers in India and China are so low that the grain production will be diminished by as much as twenty percent in the next decade.
Twenty percent of Crohn's patients have debilitating perianal fistulas, and the quality of life of these patients is severely reduced.