twenty-five percent

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Noun1.twenty-five percent - one of four equal partstwenty-five percent - one of four equal parts; "a quarter of a pound"
common fraction, simple fraction - the quotient of two integers
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Twenty-five percent of referrals were made within three months of young women's first reproductive health claim, and 63% were made within 12 months.
Capital projects, other than schools, more than $30,000,000 must be designed and constructed so as to reduce energy cost by a minimum of twenty-five percent.
Twenty-five percent of the respondents said they give "a little" consideration to the candidate's religious leanings.
Twenty-five percent of companies wait to update their investment policy every four to five years or less often.
Twenty-five percent had been convicted of a drug offense, 17 percent for driving while intoxicated or under the influence of alcohol, 12 percent for larceny or theft, 9 percent for assault, 7 percent for domestic violence, 6 percent for minor traffic infractions, 5 percent for burglary, 4 percent for fraud, and 3 percent for sexual assault.
Along racial and ethnic lines, twenty-five percent of Latino/a children, thirteen percent of Asian children, forty-eight percent of African American children, and sixteen percent of non-Latino/a children live in single parent families (U.
Twenty-five percent of the proceeds from the sales of their products are used to fund the Lymphoma Research Foundation or other charitable organizations.
Command & Control) Twenty-five percent responded to the negative.
Twenty-five percent of the population can expect to experience one or more disorders within their lifetime.
Twenty-five percent evaporates; the remainder runs off into rivers.
Twenty-five percent of the earth's land area experiences desertification to some degree, with approximately 41.