(twɜr; unstressed twər)
contraction of it were.
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In the North EastLido opened near Newcand, like others, hit a peak just before the Second WCatherine said: "In the of being entitled to have leisure time was a new twere very excited by this.
Blaine said: "Building the studio took about and then there were lots of writing sessions twere intermittent.
Top scorers for Liverpool scorers for Liverpool Twere Chris Bigley on 15 points and Chris Carroll on 14.
Jenny Corn (Lillington) with Dorothy Manson and Hilary Smith (both Wellesbourne) and Terri Hitchcox (Rugby Ladies) Twere level pegging until the 9th end but a disastrous score over the next four ends resulted in a 17-24 score.
THEY TWERE WTHE FIRST TO FIRST TO GIVE US GIVE US DUVETS DUVETS (known as (known as continental continental quilts then).
The protagonist Antonio says (aside) of his fellow-traveller (Dramatis Personae) Mercury, 'If ever any had a faithfull friend I am that man, and I may glory in't, this is he, that ipse he, that passes all Christendome for goodnesse, hee shall not over go me in his friendship, twere recreant and base, and I'le be hang'd first' (II.
5 K and 16 K, the transverse magnetoresistance data were all less than or equal to 5 T, the 7 K transverse magnetoresistance data twere greater than 0.
Within this pre-post specification, we test for within-SNF improvements in quality of care using individual-level linear probability models, where changes in quality for patient/in SNF]at time twere estimated as a function of Nursing Home Compare indicator variables, patient- and SNF-level covariates, and SNF fixed effects:
Some trains twere diverted, but a handful were stuck until the all-clear at 11pm.
Our shopper said the assistants at the dell counter and pharmacy were particularly friendly and helpful and overall the staff twere well-mannered.
AT least 40 people twere killed when ta NATO missile struck a civilian bus yesterday on a bridge in Kosovo.