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Noun1.two-dimensionality - the property of having two dimensionstwo-dimensionality - the property of having two dimensions
dimensionality - the spatial property of having dimensions; "all matter has dimensionality"
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And when the sequence and repetition are real, this disperses on the surface, characterising not only the two-dimensionality, but also the space bringing a visual sensitivity to the scene, both pictorial and tactile.
I began to feel the weight of real creation," Chamoun writes, "not the mere depiction of things: a shift from seeking traditional techniques of perspective, modelling and foreshortening to a free play with shapes, colors and lines stressing the two-dimensionality of the painting.
But if you look at the work from a different perspective, the impression of two-dimensionality fades and the ostensible painting dissolves once more into its separate components.
On a form, there are no overlapping pieces of information, as each place on the form defines a discrete piece of data in unambiguous two-dimensionality.
Consequently very, very few biographies of Africans are satisfyingly rounded and free of two-dimensionality.
A lack of shading, a technique also used by European artists to create the illusion of form, is absent from Mughal painting, further reinforcing the two-dimensionality.
The two-dimensionality is not a necessary condition for getting a high superconducting transition temperature.
But in the book, the words call attention to the two-dimensionality and limited shelf-life of the whole spiel.
Instead of slapping three-dimensional dances onto a flat movie screen, he played with the two-dimensionality of the medium.
As in the live show, but perhaps even more so in the ironically more naturalistic movie medium, the thinness of the story line and two-dimensionality of the characters cannot be denied.
McAchearn is a caricature, not a character and although I was a little surprised when he suddenly shoots off a couple of "Dear John" letters to God and conveniently leaves them lying around (I'm not sure if he knew God's address anyway since he only attended church in order to stare at his wife in the choir loft), this divine correspondence does nothing towards redeeming him from his hopeless two-dimensionality.

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