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1. Having two faces or surfaces.
2. Hypocritical or double-dealing; deceitful.

two′-fac′ed·ly (-fā′sĭd-lē, -fāst′lē) adv.
two′-fac′ed·ness n.
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A show or expression of feelings or beliefs one does not actually hold or possess:
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The two-facedness of the AKP's foreign policies is evident in Ankara's public talk of how the US is a "friendly, allied country" compared with its fierce whispers at home to supporters that "the US is the 'superior intelligence' force against which we are struggling'.
London's Daily Mail took the opportunity to apologise to Ponting for accusing him of cheating, unsporting behaviour, two-facedness, but mostly for creating the caricature Ratty Ponting.
If we rid the British isles of Two-Facedness (a reference to Batman villian Two Face) then who knows where it could end?