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1. Requiring the use of two hands at once: a two-handed sledgehammer.
2. Made to be operated by two people: a two-handed crosscut saw.
3. Able to use both hands with equal facility; ambidextrous.
4. Having two hands.


1. requiring the use of both hands
2. ambidextrous
3. requiring the participation or cooperation of two people
ˌtwo-ˈhandedly adv


1. having two hands.
2. ambidextrous.
3. involving or requiring the use of both hands.
4. requiring or engaged in by two persons.
two′-hand′ed•ly, adv.
two′-hand′ed•ness, n.
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Adj.1.two-handed - equally skillful with each handtwo-handed - equally skillful with each hand; "an ambidextrous surgeon"
2.two-handed - requiring two hands or designed for two peopletwo-handed - requiring two hands or designed for two people; "a two-handed sledgehammer"; "a two-handed crosscut saw"; "a machine designed for bimanual operation"
handed - having or involving the use of hands; "a handed, tree-living animal"; "a four-handed card game"


[ˈtuːˈhændɪd] ADJde dos manos; [tool etc] → para dos manos


[ˌtuːˈhændɪd] adj (Tennis) two-handed gripimpugnatura a due mani


(tuː) noun
1. the number or figure 2.
2. the age of 2.
1. 2 in number.
2. aged 2.
having two (of something). a two-door car.
ˌtwo-ˈfaced adjective
decitful. a two-faced person.
ˌtwo-ˈhanded adjective, adverb
(to be used, played etc) with two hands. a two-handed stroke.
twosome noun
two people; a couple. They usually travel in a twosome.
ˌtwo-ˈway adjective
able to act, operate, be used etc in two ways or directions. two-way traffic; a two-way radio.
ˈtwo-year-old noun
a person or animal that is two years old.
(of a person, animal or thing) that is two years old.
in two
(broken) in two pieces. The magazine was torn in two.
References in classic literature ?
And Colette's frequenters, thrillingly conscious of wrong-doing and 'that two-handed engine (the policeman) at the door,' were perhaps inclined to somewhat feverish excess.
Now these two disparate artists are united in a single project, Kahn's latest film, a documentary short called "Two Hands: The Leon Fleisher Story," which in 17 minutes poignantly traces Fleisher's early career, the life changes resulting from the crippling of his right fingers and his unexpected return to the concert hall as a two-handed pianist.
compared two-handed and one-handed CAD working styles in a recent study: The two-handed working style--using a mouse in one hand and a three dimensional motion controller in the other--showed considerable ergonomic advantages over the one-handed style of using a mouse and modifier keys, according to the study.
If you happen to be a two-handed, follow-through hitter who can't seem to change, you should at least practice releasing that top hand when hitting off the batting tee.
the Modem Isosceles as the best two-handed combat shooting technique, the truth is that either will do just fine.
Personality assessment of the children was based on reference groups of normal two-handed peers in test manuals and test handbookds.
Working in close collaboration with Digital ArtForms, Inc, LaserAid has designed SpaceGrips to support their powerful and elegant two-handed interaction paradigm, THI (Two-Handed Interface).
Stepheson was dominating in the paint, with one powerful two-handed dunk after another.
It was Weaver who first tested the concept of two-handed, eye level shooting in almost all circumstances.
TSE:6702) today unveiled significant additions to its Pervasive Retailing Solutions -- the grocery industry's first two-handed scanning software for belted self-checkout systems and a virtual point-of-sale (VPOS) feature that enhances integration to POS applications.
That's the two-handed division, with all the fancy tricks,'' Tracy said.
and the Record Crate(TM) allows for simultaneous two-handed mixing of additional material.