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Adj.1.two-humped - having two humps
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An ancient image of a two-humped camel has been discovered in the Kapova cave in the Southern Ural mountain range.
The further buildings are compact with two-humped access.
During a winter festival in Mongolia, a country north of China, people race two-humped camels across the Gobi Desert.
The researchers tested a range of domestic animals for viral antibodies, including the two-humped Bactrian camel, but found positive results only in dromedary camels.
1 Seafood and potato dish (8) 5 Decorative fringed tuft (6) 10 Fancy goods (5-6) 16 Taken - - -, surprised (5) 18 Two-humped camel (8) 19 Former superpower, - - - Union (6) 20 Coastal village, - - - of Lochalsh (4) 22 Chemically unreactive (5) 23 Spanish lady (6) 24 High-speed warship (7) 25 Dangerous position (3,4) 26 Me Too
The two-humped youngster is settling in well and hundreds are expected to flock to see the new family member this weekend.
What follows is the swallowing of a cohort of animals from the Australian bush plus a two-humped camel and finally a ute
Hopefully, we can now look into cloning other camelids such as the two-humped camel.
I feel humbled, maybe a little scared, and wonder why this assignment to document the world's champion eco-warriors, the desert nomad, and their herds of two-humped Bactrian camels seemed like such a good idea.
Turning to the story of the Turks, he focuses on the lucrative but temperature-sensitive industry of cross-breeding one-humped and two-humped camels.
These days, the job structure is turning into an hourglass, or a two-humped camel.
1 : a group of similar living things that ranks below the genus in scientific classification and is made up of individuals able to produce offspring with one another <The one-humped camel is a different species from the two-humped camel.