two-man tent

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Noun1.two-man tent - a tent designed for occupancy by two personstwo-man tent - a tent designed for occupancy by two persons
collapsible shelter, tent - a portable shelter (usually of canvas stretched over supporting poles and fastened to the ground with ropes and pegs); "he pitched his tent near the creek"
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So on Friday they headed off to Brockenhurst in the New Forest with their two-man tent, a camping stove and some pots and pans.
Apart from a school trip to Coniston (where we had to run into the freezing lake for a wash), camping together was all about pitching up in a muddy field with a two-man tent at music festivals.
In a fresh appeal for information, a police spokeswoman said: "Inquiries have established that Mr Bowden purchased a green rucksack, green sleeping bag, camping mat, a black two-man tent and a black Peter Storm Parka jacket with furry hood and gloves.
Equipped with a two-man tent, a small budget, and anything she can carry on her bike, Steph is open to all offers of assistance in order for her to complete her journey.
However, plans went awry when a raging snow storm caused them to become stranded on an isolated glacier in Greenland, becoming prisoners in their tiny, two-man tent.
Police located and searched the red, two-man tent, which contained a considerable amount of camping equipment, including a blue rucksack, clothing, a stove, utensils and a sleeping bag.
As newlyweds, my husband and I spent many weekends camping in a cozy two-man tent.
Reaching into your backpack, you unpack the Outsider Two-Man Tent you had the good sense to bring along.
The kit comprises 16 items of equipment, including a two-man tent, sleeping bag, sleeping mat, camping stool, stove, fuel tablets, matches, mug, food tins, water carrier, waterproof poncho, first aid kit and cutlery.
On the walk I'll be sharing a two-man tent with 6ft 8ins ex-wrestler and all round nice guy Tim Strange, 6ft Anth "baby face" Young and 7ft 2ins John "ladies man" Stevens.
Kat had to learn how to ride a bike before selling possessions and leaving home for a two-year honeymoon in a record-breaking attempt to travel the world on a tandem bicycle, sleeping in a tiny two-man tent.
Despite the pair's wealthy status, the small car boot only allowed for a two-man tent and other basic amenities.