two-year-old horse

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Noun1.two-year-old horse - a racehorse that is two years old
bangtail, race horse, racehorse - a horse bred for racing
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You are as light as sea-shells," answered the Tunny, who was as large as a two-year-old horse.
Laura Scott found her two-year-old horse Keira dead in a field in Sunniside, Gateshead, on New Year's Day.
He is moved to purchase a share of the ownership of a two-year-old horse which particularly captivates him.
Avid equestrian Kay Sutcliffe, 38, died from severe injuries to her head in August 2007 after her two-year-old horse, Lady, got over excited while being walked at a show at Northowram, near Halifax.
The two-year-old horse, called Yankee, appeared to be lame and there were swarms of flies around its head.
ET/PT, Lucas Black ("Sling Blade") stars as Connor, a teen whose prized possession is his two-year-old horse, Flash.
Owner Andrew Dickman, whose two-year-old horse Propeller won the opening race against odds of 25-1, was certainly not complaining about the weather.
We have to remember that these two-year-old horses are still considered to be babies and are learning with every visit to the racecourse.
It will take place on October 8, 2011 and feature the Dewhurst Stakes, Middle Park Stakes, Rockfel Stakes and Autumn Stakes for two-year-old horses, and the Challenge Stakes, Darley Stakes and the Cesarewitch for three-year-olds and upwards.
Two-year-old horses are also known as juveniles, and this is the first age at which horses are allowed to compete on the Flat (the youngest racing age over jumps is three years old).