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n. Informal
1. A coupon offering two items, especially tickets for a play, for the price of one.
2. An offer or arrangement in which a single expense or amount of effort produces two returns: Going to a wedding in New Orleans during Mardi Gras was a twofer.
a. A person or thing that has two desirable attributes normally present singly.
b. Offensive One who belongs to two distinct demographic groups and can be counted, as by an employer, as part of two quotas.

[Alteration of two for (the price of one).]


1. (Commerce) a coupon that entitles a person to buy two tickets, esp for a play, for the price of one
2. (Commerce) two items sold together for the same price as each of the items sold singly
3. an offer or a situation that yields an additional benefit


(ˈtu fər)

1. a coupon redeemable for two tickets to a theatrical performance at a reduced price.
2. a coupon or offer for the purchase of two items or services for approximately the price of one.
[1945–50, Amer.; from the phrase two for (the price of one, a nickel, etc.), with final (ər) humorously taken as -er1]
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Noun1.twofer - an offer of two for the price of onetwofer - an offer of two for the price of one
offering, offer - something offered (as a proposal or bid); "noteworthy new offerings for investors included several index funds"
2.twofer - a coupon that allows the holder to purchase two items (as two tickets to a play) for the price of onetwofer - a coupon that allows the holder to purchase two items (as two tickets to a play) for the price of one
coupon, voucher - a negotiable certificate that can be detached and redeemed as needed
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Redistributing resources would be a twofer, the study suggests.
A twofer of kiddie killer and horrifying harlequin, it echoes the first-person perspective of the first "slasher" film - Peeping Tom (1960).
NAStar's TwoFer Tags provide an economical and ecologically sensible product with no liner and no wasted energy, as well as reduced production time and shipping costs.
The unlucky winner was military man Abraham but the emotional blow came with Morgan's brutal leader Negan then went for a twofer - smashing expectant father Glenn to bits in front of wife Maggie.
This is kind of a twofer, in that it puts risk on these private investors rather than on poor kids who have high dropout rates to begin with.
This twofer tax-avoidance strategy is also driving many inversions.
Google is making a Red subscription a twofer by including access to Google Play Music for no extra charge, but the company's big push is Red's ad-free feature, which sources say was one of the primary drivers of Red's development.
Mandy Greenfield, the new artistic director at the summer theater in the Massachusetts Berkshires--and formerly the artistic producer of the Manhattan Theater Club--admirably brings a commitment to new work as well as to established American writers to her new digs, and here she gets a twofer with a play from the early to mid-'60s whose story was the basis of a 1966 television film starring Anne Bancroft.
Selly Park Road, Selly Park, Birmingham This is a twofer.
Bundled meal offers and twofer promotions are also effective for new hot food programs.
In the end, it's the GT/Boss twofer that shines as the quintessential Motown emblems of power, performance, and practicalityaACAoeach a white-hot line drive of aACAeblue-collar satisfaction for red-blooded Yanks.
As precise as it was playful, Guyton's "upstairs/downstairs" twofer made the whole plant hum.