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Noun1.Tzetze - bloodsucking African flytzetze - bloodsucking African fly; transmits sleeping sickness etc.
fly - two-winged insects characterized by active flight
genus Glossina - type genus of the Glossinidae: tsetse flies
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His name is mentioned by Avienus; by Suidas, a celebrated critic, at the close of the eleventh century, who gives in his lexicon several isolated verses of his version of the fables; and by John Tzetzes, a grammarian and poet of Constantinople, who lived during the latter half of the twelfth century.
Pindar represents him as buried under Aetna, and Tzetzes reads Aetna in this passage.
16 (HEGESIPO: FGrH 391 F 14); Tzetze y escollo a L1COFRON: Alex, 495; Euphorion, fr.
IK Ioni / konk IO biting / botong IS buriti / bursts IU sibilate / subulate IZ tie-tie / tzetze IL Boii / boll IR heii / Herr (IN) IT Irani / trant IY timpani / tympany JK jejuna / kekuna JM juju / mumu JR ajaja / arara JT jinja / tinta JZ juju / Zu-zu JL juju / lulu JN ajaja / anana JS juju / susu JY Jo Jo (PA) / Yo-yo
La Suda ([lambda] 827) denomina [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] a la obra y no [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII], pero menciona los titulos de veinte tragedias de este autor, de los que cuatro tendrian asunto historico; Tzetzes, por su parte, al comentar el escolio al v.
For the same reason the Lithica survived in obscurity for eight centuries until the time of the 12th-century Byzantine poet and grammarian John Tzetzes, who wrongly attributed it to the authorship of Orpheus on the grounds that it followed Orphic poems bound in the same volume.
7) Pour ce qui est de son agilite versificatrice et de traducteur, il suffit de citer, pour ne donner qu'un exemple, la traduction en hexametres dactyliques latins de toute loeuvre homerique (Iliade, Odyssee, Hymnes et la Batrachomyomachia), en plus des Commentaires de Eustathe, les Scolies de Didyme, les Commentaires de l'Iliade de Jean Tzetzes et les Questions homeriques de Porphyre; tout cela en guere plus de cinq ans et meme si la qualite litteraire de ces traductions est une chose bien distincte.
However, in the twelfth century Tzetzes and Zonaras downplayed the charismatic Xenophontic characterisation of virile-minded Panthea and emphasised the portrait of Abradates, since times no longer approved these 'femmes de tete' (p.
The poem was associated with Orpheus by Tzetzes in the twelfth century (West 1984, 36).
Joannes Tzetzes born; wrote a commentary on Ptolomy's astronomy.
Byzantine scholiast John Tzetzes (in Parsons, 1952) estimated that it contained over 532,800 rolls (including the 42,800 rolls in its nearby sister library, the Sarapeum), and by the mid-first century BCE it is said to have contained over 700,000 rolls (Aulus Gellius, 7.
Con Miguel Psellos y sus discipulos, en el siglo XI, tenemos diversas interpretaciones alegoricas de inspiracion neoplatonica, y con Juan Tzetzes, en el siglo XII, disponemos de varios volumenes dedicados a una interpretacion alegorica de Homero.