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 (tsē-tsēt′, tsĭt′sĭs)
pl.n. Judaism
Variant of tzitzit.


(ˈtsɪtsɪs; tsiːˈtsiːt)
(Judaism) (functioning as singular or plural) Judaism a variant spelling of tsitsith



(ˈtsɪt sɪs, tsiˈtsit)

n.pl. Judaism.
the fringes or tassels formerly worn on the outer garment and now worn at the four corners of the tallith.
[1670–80; < Hebrew ṣīṣīth]
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Cohen sincerely incorporates the symbols of empire into his double identity; he "carved the ferocious lions guarding and upholding the Decalogue in front of the Ark of the Covenant in the Chevra Thillim, the martial Cohen who always bore on his person a Union Jack fringed with tzitzith and who threatened at the slightest provocation to fight the South African War over again.