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(Plants) a large juicy yellow-skinned citrus fruit of the Caribbean: a cross between a tangerine, grapefruit, and orange. Also called: UGLI fruit
[C20: probably an alteration of ugly, referring to its wrinkled skin]


(ˈʌg li)
Trademark. a large, sweet variety of tangelo, of Jamaican origin, having rough, wrinkled, yellowish skin.
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Noun1.Ugli - large sweet juicy hybrid between tangerine and grapefruit having a thick wrinkled skinugli - large sweet juicy hybrid between tangerine and grapefruit having a thick wrinkled skin
edible fruit - edible reproductive body of a seed plant especially one having sweet flesh
Citrus tangelo, tangelo, tangelo tree, ugli fruit - hybrid between grapefruit and mandarin orange; cultivated especially in Florida
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He reckons that Monstradamus and Nutscracker are the horns, Ariadne is the labyrinth, UGLI 666 is the past, Organizm(-: is the future, and Romeo-y-Cohiba and IsoldA together are the double-headed axe.
2 UGLI fruit are often discoloured, pot marked and have an odd shape.
I suppose, by comparison with an ugli fruit, for example, one might consider grapes to be good-looking," I said, "but that, I would submit, is more due to the ugliness of the ugli than the beauty of the grape.
Less popular varieties include citron, kaffir lime, bitter orange, pomelo, Ugli fruit, yuzu, and tangelo.
England finished fourth of the 27 teams on the appropriatelynamed Ugli Canal, with winners France taking the gold by targeting tiny fry and bleak on size 26 hooks and joker hook baits.
Por ejemplo, "Bun Down Cross Roads", evoca el tendero del mismo nombre, que es a la vez, algo prosaicamente, "especial abastecedor de mangas de menton promintente/y de uglis de piel gruesa arrugada" ([s]pecial purveyor of heavy-jowled governor mango/and scowling coarse skinned ugli fruit), y mas dramaticamente "un comerciante de malas palabras" (bad word merchant), propenso a arranques extremos de lenguaje soez (11).
The Jamaican government hopes to grow the UK market for niche Jamaica-grown products such as Scotch Bonnet peppers, plantain and ugli fruit.
The menu included kiwi, starfruit, ugli fruit, zucchini, broccoli, carrots, etc.