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Exceedingly high: an ultrahigh vacuum.


extremely high


(ˌʌl trəˈhaɪ)

extremely high.
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Prior Information Notice: Photoelectron spectrometer for the analysis of samples in ultrahigh vacuum and at almost atmospheric pressure - expansion of the existing range.
21 ( ANI ): Pentagon is going hypersonic with an experimental scramjet-powered, ultrahigh speed strike vehicle.
Either gamma-ray bursts cannot be the source of all ultrahigh energy cosmic rays, or there has to be some physics going on inside the gamma-ray burst that makes neutrino production different" from what scientists expected, says Abigail Vieregg, a physicist at the Harvard- Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics in Cambridge, Mass.
However, such testing would fail to detect ototoxicity in patients who have already experienced hearing loss in the ultrahigh frequencies from 10 to 20 kHz.
The web features a solid matrix including an ultrahigh molecular weight polyolefin component and a friable, highly dispersing, precipitated silica component.
According to women's reports of their alcohol and drug use, roughly one-third had a high or ultrahigh risk of substance abuse; women in the control group were the most likely to have a low or moderate risk, and the least likely to have an ultrahigh risk.
The team has developed two methods for filling and sealing the micromachined cells: chemical reaction between barium azide and cesium chloride in an ultrahigh vacuum system followed by anodic bonding of the silicon chip to a glass window in a nitrogen buffer gas ambient, and direct injection of liquid Cs in an anaerobic chamber followed by anodic bonding to a glass window in a nitrogen buffer gas ambient.
The project will apply a robust algorithm able to handle these variations using an application-specific integrated circuit (ASIC) chip with ultrahigh control bandwidth density for precise control of the MEMS actuators.
Contract notice: Acquisition, installation and commissioning of a scanning tunneling microscope (stm) under ultrahigh vacuum at low temperature and magnetic field.
Ultrahigh pressures, the kind of pressures found in huge gas giants like Neptune and Uranus are some of the places where ultrahigh temperatures and ultrahigh pressures exist.
gov/mel/div821/) that perform calculations commonly required by engineers and metrologists who are involved in ultrahigh accuracy length measurement.
In those experiments, the researchers squeezed suspected mantle minerals in an anvil that can generate ultrahigh pressures on samples placed between the instrument's diamond jaws.

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