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Extremism, especially in politics or government; radicalism.

ul′tra·ist n.
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His attention must be commanded by the signs that the Church, or religious party, is falling from the Church nominal, and is appearing in temperance and non-resistance societies; in movements of abolitionists and of socialists; and in very significant assemblies called Sabbath and Bible Conventions; composed of ultraists, of seekers, of all the soul of the soldiery of dissent, and meeting to call in question the authority of the Sabbath, of the priesthood, and of the Church.
Bohn's approach is chronological and as I mention above, each chapter is a discussion and analysis of a particular poetry group that created visual poetry starting with the second decade of the twentieth century and the Spanish Ultraists.
1 turn 2 line 3 ah 4 braised 5 actress, Oscars 6 admires 7 admonition 8 dread 9 earthborn 10 dictates 11 open-minded 12 salt-mine, saline 13 aged 14 serials 15 alerted 16 almond 17 laster 18 Sacred 19 females 20 lap 21 marginal 22 legislators, senatorial 23 lamenting, dealing 24 ultraists