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A cross-country footrace longer than a traditional marathon (26 miles, 385 yards).

ul′tra·mar′a·thon′er n.


(ˌʌltrəˈmærəˌθɒnə; ˌʌltrəˈmærəθənə)
(Athletics (Track & Field)) a person who takes part in an ultramarathon
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The South African ultramarathoner, based in Dubai, completed the 10k in just 36.
FILIPINO ultramarathoner Rolando 'Junjun' Espina gleefully guzzled a can of beer for the first time since the eve of the biggest race of his life as he looked at the Philippine flag raised next to the statue of Greek warrior Leonidas.
Central to this charity framework is the mobilization of virtue to efface structural inequalities: AOI's 'flexible' employment policies are forgotten amidst the publicity of Solidarite 's local development work, and the selfishness required to become an ultramarathoner is justified by raising money to help those in need.
The male ultramarathoner participants were most motivated by Personal Goal Achievement (4.
Walking the walk, Bill Andrews is an ultramarathoner.
When she and Sarsgaard aren't working, they hang out with their daughters and try and go on the occasional run together ("He's an ultramarathoner, so he's been getting me into running lately").
There were no significant differences between the two groups for the serum electrolytes or hydration status in either ultramarathoner group (Schwellnus et al.
16, 2012): Ultramarathoner Timothy Olson, a top competitor in Saturday's Waldo 100k race, is the Western States 100 champion and Montrail Ultra Cup winner.
At 60 years old, he's an ultramarathoner, adventure runner and mountaineer.
Mary-Beth Lloyd (pictured), a former high school track coach, and ultramarathoner Lisa Smith Batchen are in a hid to raise $1 million for orphans by running and walking 50 miles in each of the 50 states, for a total of 2,500 miles, within two months.
My husband and I moved here last year from San Diego so we could have trails out our back door," says the sales-woman, an ultramarathoner who apparently churns out 18 miles along the river like it's a walk in Bend's Drake Park.
Long-distance runner: West Hills second-grade teacher and ultramarathoner Louise Cooper-Lovelace today begins a race from Death Valley to the base of Mount Whitney in hopes of raising money for breast-cancer research and other medical endeavors.