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1. A device for removing liquids or gases by suction, especially an instrument that uses suction to remove substances, such as mucus or serum, from a body cavity.
2. A suction pump used to create a partial vacuum.


(General Engineering) a device employing suction, such as a jet pump or one for removing fluids from a body cavity


(ˈæs pəˌreɪ tər)

1. an apparatus employing suction.
2. a suction pump that operates by the pressure differential created by the high-speed flow of a fluid past an intake orifice.
3. a suction instrument used in aspirating fluids from the body.
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Noun1.aspirator - a pump that draws air or another gas through a liquidaspirator - a pump that draws air or another gas through a liquid
pump - a mechanical device that moves fluid or gas by pressure or suction
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The surgical team also used ultrasonic aspirator technology, which enabled analyzing the tissues of the brain with utmost accuracy.
Under the supply agreement, Synergetics USA will supply its disposable aspirator instrument tips and certain other consumable products to Stryker for use with the latter's ultrasonic aspirator console and handpieces.
INTRODUCTION: OBJECTIVE: To highlight the pattern of clinical presentation and surgical outcome of Vestibular Schwannomas [VS] in our institutional experience with particular emphasis on extent of tumour removal, postoperative Facial Nerve outcome and postoperative complications in the background of multisurgeon teaching hospital [with various levels of learning curve] and a resource constrained setup [unavailability of ultrasonic aspirator and intraoperative cranial nerve monitoring].
Stryker's strong cash position has enabled the firm to go on a virtual spending spree over the last 18 months, gobbling up the likes of the Sonopet Ultrasonic Aspirator from Mutoh Co.
Tenders are invited for Ultrasonic Aspirator For Use With Endoscopic Endonasal Surgeries For The Department Of Ent At All India Institute Of Medical Sciences, Jodhpur
Six patients underwent liver resection using the basic the crush-clamp method, eight patients underwent liver resection using the Harmonic scalpel and four patients underwent liver resection using the Cavitron Ultrasonic Aspirator (CUSA).
Net sales of neurosurgery devices were 26% higher in fiscal year 2008 than in 2007, and international sales grew 32% in core technology areas, including sales of ophthalmic products in direct sales markets, the Omni ultrasonic aspirator system, and the Malls electrosurgical generator and its related disposables.
Supply of fungible material for ultrasonic aspirator for the University Hospital 12 de Octubre.