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Adj.1.umbrella-shaped - shaped in the form of an umbrella
formed - having or given a form or shape
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The 'stingless' jellies dot the lagoon with their umbrella-shaped bodies or 'bells' where elongated clubs dangle from the midsection.
She underwent a successful catheter-based intervention, where the team of doctors put an umbrella-shaped special device called Amplatzer Vascular Plug (AVP) instead of carrying out a surgery correction, at a city hospital recently.
Not much is known about the behavior of these umbrella-shaped, gelatinous blobs that can be seen pulsating through ocean waters worldwide across a range of depths.
Hogweed looks like the innocuous cow parsley with white flowers clustered in an umbrella-shaped head that is up to 80cm in diameter.
Instead, Mars has umbrella-shaped magnetic fields that sprout out of the ground like mushrooms, here and there, but mainly in the southern hemisphere.
These flowers modestly nod their heads beneath deep green palmate, umbrella-shaped leaves, which protect the early flowers from the cold and frost.
Shiitake These tan-to-dark brown mushrooms have umbrella-shaped caps, and stems that should be removed.
The tree variety, which is adapted to conditions in the South, can reach nearly 40 feet tall and opens into an umbrella-shaped canopy of lush, heart-shaped leaves.
A mosaic with an umbrella-shaped pattern on it that is believed to date back to 600 B.
As jackhammers began to chip away at an iconic former umbrella-shaped terminal at JFK International Airport its defenders launched an eleventh hour crowdfunding campaign to publicise the impending loss of the historic Jet Age building, organizers said.
The pole at right is 12 feet high and supports an umbrella-shaped roof that gives the structure stability.