unable to help

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Adv.1.unable to help - in a helpless mannerunable to help - in a helpless manner; "the crowd watched him helplessly"
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Fraser, and I at a distance unable to help my own cause.
As I ran out to the tennis court a few moments later, I had to pass the open boudoir window, and was unable to help overhearing the following scrap of dialogue.
With all the goodwill in the world he may be unable to help you.
Pray tell Miss Halcombe, at the same time, that I sincerely regret being, thus far, unable to help her, except by advice, which will not be more welcome, I am afraid, to her than to you.
If I turn out to be mistaken in my anticipations, and if you prove unable to help me when you are really aware of what I want, I shall trust to your honour to keep my secret--and something tells me that I shall not trust in vain.
We felt our inexperience, and were unable to help ourselves.
The guards were unable to help any one -- each one was occupied with his self-preservation.
Would not our veteran, dying of hunger, and unable to help himself, be worthy of rank with Homer?
TOADIE feels useless when Sonya is bitten by a spider and he is unable to help.
NEIGHBOURS - FIVE TOADIE feels useless when Sonya is bitten by a spider and he is unable to help.
He collapsed at their home and Ola, 32, had to call in neighbours because she was unable to help him due to her broken leg.
Paramedics were called but unable to help and police say the welfare of the mother is now their priority.