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1. Having no diacritical mark. Used of a word, syllable, or letter.
2. Having weak stress or no stress, as in pronunciation or metrical rhythm.


(ˌʌnækˈsɛntɪd) or


(Phonetics & Phonology) phonetics not accented or stressed


(ʌnˈæk sɛn tɪd, ˌʌn ækˈsɛn-)

not accented; unstressed.
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Adj.1.unaccented - used of syllables; "an atonic syllable carries no stress"
2.unaccented - (used of vowels or syllables) pronounced with little or no stress; "a syllable that ends in a short vowel is a light syllable"; "a weak stress on the second syllable"
unstressed - not bearing a stress or accent; "short vowels are unstressed"


[ˈʌnækˈsentɪd] ADJinacentuado, átono
References in classic literature ?
But there might also be as many unaccented syllables as the poet liked.
And the unworried, unaccented voice of her father went on tormenting her.
This reviewer reads the four-line stanzas as consisting two lines of six-beat lines followed by two lines of three-beat lines, without a regular pattern to unaccented and accented syllables.
These included a common long vowel (/o/ in rope), a diphthong (/ow/ in shower), and an unaccented final syllable (/er/ in shower).
Ponderal rhythm results from the combination of accented and unaccented units.
For the version reprinted with the novel, a few minor emendations have been made: "cafes" are now "cafes," the "Plaza de la Constitucion" is now the "Plaza de la Constitucion" (they are unaccented in BL), and the line breaks between sections in White's versions are no longer included.
Stress-accent, which comprises the lower of the two levels, concerns word-stress or lexical stress: that is, the presence of a single accented syllable (and any number of relatively unaccented syllables) in a given word.
Since students in uniform were forbidden to enter theatres--a distraction from their studies--the Centers were the only places where they could hear (in person or on film) unaccented American English.
The actor studied hard, but he concluded: ''If I had come here as a boy, I could speak unaccented English; at 24, it is impossible.
Shouting "Allahu akbar" as they fired, the men also spoke fluent, unaccented French in the military-style noon-time attack on the weekly paper Charlie Hebdo, located near Paris' Bastille monument.
Consonants Short Digraphs Initial/ Long vowel Other vowel Initial vowel final patterns patterns Final blends beesh necst/ driv/drive hours/ beach next ariv/arrive owns wen/ clos/close hows/house when plad/played ther/there pac/pack tosded/ goons/dunes bak/back toasted fier/fire mad/made Consonants Inflected Syllable Suffixes Words Initial endings juncture and spelled Final unaccented correctly final [high syllables frequency) stopt/ litlle/little went stopped was when the
Lass (1994: 108) and Ringe (2006: 11) agree that normal and long grades typically appear in accented position, and zero-grades in unaccented syllables followed by an accent.