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1. Impossible to account for; inexplicable: unaccountable absences.
2. Free from accountability; not responsible: an executive unaccountable to anyone but the president.

un′ac·count′a·bil′i·ty n.
un′ac·count′a·bly adv.
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Though people taking the law into their hands is a dangerous trend, and can presage a descent into anarchy, it is the regime's well known habits of impunity and unaccountability which pushed the residents of Kahawatte to take this extreme step.
Harpreet Aulakh's reaction displayed a chilling belief - almost certainly culturally rooted - in male unaccountability.
Mr Jafferjee told the court: "Aulakh's reaction displayed a chilling belief, almost certainly culturally rooted, in male unaccountability.
By Philip Thon Aleu August 19, 2008 (BOR TOWN) eCo Jonglei legislative Assembly argues Monday and Tuesday sessions that State Minister for Education should be held responsible for unaccountability of Alternative Education System (AES) funds; amounting to 1,536,900 Sudanese Pound (SDG) (about $753,380 US) for six months.
Not so in Cardiff, one suggests, where unaccountability has become a regular feature.
Fed up with politicians' indifference or unaccountability, they boycott elections altogether.
George Morran, project director for the Constitutional Convention, which campaigns for an elected West Midlands regional assembly, said failure to deal with structural funds underlined the unaccountability of the 'Quango state' while West Midlands Conservative MEP Philip Bradbourn accused GOWM and AWM of 'making a hash' of distributing grants.
Indeed, this council and its cohorts can be described as showing astonishing (even breathtaking) strikes of indifference, arrogance, unaccountability, lack of democracy.
But many City observers felt uneasy simply at Douglas's presence in the plc and the football club boardrooms, while Sir John's insistence on remaining outside the plc board attracted charges of unaccountability.
Wagner agreed with the findings and launched a project that was to become the biggest boondoggle in New York history, and a textbook case of government unaccountability.
Rajiv himself was brought up in an environment of political unaccountability and a blurring of the distinction between government and party.
In a nutshell, the June 7 election has turned out to be a simple choice between giving approval or not for President Recep Tayyip Erdoy-an, for all that he now stands for: introducing to Turkey an arbitrary rule, disrespect for human dignity, rejection of supremacy of the rule of law, eradication of rights and freedoms, unaccountability and impunity, and construction of a new system in which there will be no separation among the three powers.