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Adj.1.unairworthy - not fit to fly
airworthy - (of aircraft) fit to fly
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In the what were they thinking department, a DPE terminated a checkride for an unairworthy airplane--one engine was not making power.
The question revolved around a situation resulting from an error in judgment concerning operation of an unairworthy (out-of-annual-inspection) aircraft.
Duncan Aviation recently found major unairworthy squawks during an airframe inspection on an aircraft that didnt go through a pre-purchase evaluation, leaving the new owner with some tough decisions to make.
Naturally, anything that renders the aircraft unairworthy or inadequately equipped is an automatic no-go.
The FAA alleges that FedEx's failure to perform the rebalancing requirements rendered the aircraft unairworthy and that the company operated the aircraft on at least 133 flights when it was in that condition.
One of the seaplanes slammed into a mountain in Alaska without injury to the two man crew, a second aircraft was rendered unairworthy when dropped into the sea after a ship's boom broke.
Summing up the evidence, the coroner said: "It was said by the pilot of the Puma that he would have considered the craft to be unairworthy if he had known that it had an inoperative anti-spill valve.
It is why, according to coroners, our troops are dying through obsolete equipment like poorlyarmed snatch Land Rovers and unairworthy Nimrod aircraft.
Barrister John Cooper, acting on behalf of two of the families, said it is the view of the claimants that "the aeroplane was unairworthy and the MoD should have known it was unairworthy".
Prosecutors said the plane was released into service "in an unairworthy condition" and flew several times until June 4, 2006, when the same part became cracked again and was properly replaced.
This requires careful screening of suppliers to mitigate against the risk of unairworthy parts.
We have found no evidence that any aircraft was returned to service in an unsafe or unairworthy condition or in violation of any Federal Aviation Regulation,' Kelly said.