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Not subject to appeal: an unappealable grievance.

un′ap·peal′a·bly adv.


(Law) law (of a judgment, etc) not capable of being appealed against
ˌunapˈpealableness n
ˌunapˈpealably adv


(ˌʌn əˈpi lə bəl)

1. not appealable to a higher court, as a case.
2. incapable of being appealed from, as a judgment.
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Adj.1.unappealable - not subject to appealunappealable - not subject to appeal; "the judge's ruling was handed down in a preliminary hearing rather than a trial and was therefore unappealable"
appealable - capable of being appealed especially to a higher tribunal; "decisions...appealable to the head of the agency"- New Republic


[ˈʌnəˈpiːləbl] ADJinapelable


adj (Jur) → nicht berufungsfähig; the judgement is unappealablegegen das Urteil kann keine Berufung eingelegt werden
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is considered final, unappealable and immediately executory,' read the resolution.
When Hill asked to have the House vote on overruling the speaker, Craddick responded, "The speaker's discretion to recognize a member on any matter is unappealable.
These decisions are virtually unappealable, so whatever the judge decides usually stands unchallenged.
61) This means that companies may treat consumers differently based on criteria and information that is unknown and unappealable.
Settlement agreements are unappealable, so to the extent such interlocutory decisions are used by litigants to work toward settlement they have the effect of achieving finality without qualifying as an appealable final judgment.
Johnston's focus is not the 'usual suspects' hauled up before juries in the unprecedented rash of trials for treason and sedition during that decade but those penalised anyway, through a political culture of 'alarm', extrajudicial processes of harassment, which ensured that careers were 'ruined, ended, derailed, postponed and won back, if at all, only after many years of silent suffering and unappealable injustice' (p.
The Vatican decree, a copy of which NCR obtained and translated, states clearly that Francis "has decreed that dismissal from the clerical state is to be imposed upon [Reynolds] for the good of the church," and that the decision is final and unappealable.
The Ministry of Social Solidarity announced that it would await final, unappealable judgment before executing.
91) Consistent with the prohibition against appealing intermediate orders in an Article 78 proceeding, courts have generally acknowledged that, relative to trial-related orders, "[i]t is correct to say that an order, made in advance of trial, which merely determines the admissibility of evidence is an unappealable advisory ruling.
If the decision to issue a prejudicial jury instruction is made by a single district court judge, and is unappealable, the litigant has to live with that decision forever.
His actions, as well as those of his subordinates, were unappealable and beyond criticism.
109) A consent decree is unappealable by definition, since both parties agreed to the court's entry of the settlement; likewise, a master's determinations are effectively final because the trial court rarely reverses its own representative, who defendants may not wish to antagonize.