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Adj.1.unappendaged - not having an appendageunappendaged - not having an appendage    
appendaged - having an appendage
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Flowers with a 1-2 mm pedicel, spreading at ca 30[degrees] from the axis at anthesis, opening during the day; sepals elliptic, broadly acute, 10-11 mm long, basally connate 3-4 mm, the adaxial pair carinate, red or white; corolla semispreading; petals oblanceolate, obtuse 17-19 mm long, cucculate; aggutinated into a tube for 7-8 mm, unappendaged, white; stamens & style somewhat exposed at anthesis; anthers 4 mm long, versatile, cream to white; stigma convolute-blade with semi-spreading lobes, green.
58 x 10 mm, yellowish-white, unappendaged, glabrous, at anthesis the apex slightly recurved, convergent over the stamens and forming a strongly curved zygomorphic corolla; stamens slightly exceeding the petals; anthers linear, ca.
one side is distinctly shorter than the other), the cuspid bent to the side; petals white, obovate, apically obtuse to acute, glabrous, unappendaged, 56-64 mm long, 5-7 mm wide at base, 12-16 mm wide at the middle, and 13-18 mm wide at its broadest towards the apex, shorter than the stamens and pistil but exceeding the calyx; stamens included, 65-68 mm long; filaments slender, 56-59 mm long, 1 mm wide; anthers linear, 9-10 mm long, 1 mm wide, basifixed; pistil exserted, 66-70 mm long; ovary ovate, 1/2 inferior (i.