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Not assertive; reserved.

un′as·ser′tive·ly adv.
un′as·ser′tive·ness n.


in an unassertive manner
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Adv.1.unassertively - in an unassertive mannerunassertively - in an unassertive manner; "unassertively, she always follows her husband's suggestions"
assertively - in an assertive manner; "`I will take care of my own life,' she said assertively"
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asked participants to describe either six or 12 examples of situations in which they behaved assertively or unassertively.
Rand fans have spent decades fantasy-casting the role of Dagny Taggart, the toughas-nails railroad tycoon who serves as "Atlas Shrugged's" primary earth mover, only to see her remade as a generic business-suit Barbie, unassertively played by pretty blonde TV actress Taylor Schilling ("Mercy").
As often in his writing, Pater introduces a point of major significance so quietly and unassertively that it slips past the reader's (and opponent's) guard.