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Impossible to attain: unattainable goals.

un′at·tain′a·bil′i·ty n.
un′at·tain′a·bly adv.


in an unattainable manner
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Adv.1.unattainably - in an unattainable manner or to an unattainable degreeunattainably - in an unattainable manner or to an unattainable degree; "this house is unattainably expensive"
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Ah, how far, how unattainably far from him, she was still
By law, contracts in Spain must feature a buyout clause and Madrid have moved to ensure their top players' deals contain unattainably high clauses.
Nabokov dismisses as a figment of Gogol's imagination the unattainably beautiful woman he invented for the sake of duping his gullible mother adding that Gogol "showed complete indifference towards women insofar as the facts of his riper years show" (21).
This dramatic improvement reduces maintenance costs to a previously unattainably low level, as well as greatly increasing the vessel s uptime availability.
Concurrently, our hypotheses were situated within the line of research that has demonstrated that the demands of some fundamentalist religions may create unattainably high standards, resulting in feelings of shame for some individuals (Helm et al.
NEW YORK -- After 50 years of debate over her unattainably perfect figure, Barbie now is unapologetic about her tiny waist and endless legs.
Judy Garland's character in the Wizard of Oz got it wrong when she thought happiness lay unattainably "over the rainbow," Shawn Achor argues in his first literary effort, 2010's The Happiness Advantage.
The fitness levels required for this type of activity are potentially inspirational since they are not always unattainably Olympian.
1 space power means ditching the remnants of the traditional national space program in pursuit of unattainably ambitious goals.
was used to setting unattainably high standards, which he would inevitably fail to obtain, and then he would repeatedly judge and criticize himself for these failures.
Levels of behaviour these manuals set for mothers and babies are often unattainably high, meaning women could be left feeling like failures when these targets were not achieved.
She's a celebrity, but she isn't unattainably perfect.